RESULT: Stampede 64 Worcestershire Black Knights 0


Sunday 7th August saw the Stampede made the short travel to local rivals Worcestershire Black Knights in what was the teams third meeting of the season, Hereford winning the past two matchup’s in convincing fashion. The Hereford Stampede were looking to finish the season with a statement win and show why players, coaches, and volunteers should be part of our organisation in the 2023 season.

With the game be played in scorching temperatures the Stampede were looking to crank up the heat on the field and start strong. Hereford lost the coin toss and Worcester elected to receive and start on offence. After the kick-off the Stampede defence came onto the field first and started strongly with two tackles for losses and on the third play of the game recovered a fumble after a Black Knights running back lost control of the ball at the hand off. A player who has featured heavily this year, DB Sean Radburn came up with the recovery and put the Stampede offence on the gridiron in good field position.

After a dominant defensive start the Stampede offence were looking to take advantage and they did just that after some smash mouth football, running the ball down the throat of the Black Knights. The impressive drive was finished off by RB Blaine Smith from short yardage and kicked off the scoreboard, 0-6 to the Stampede. The two point conversion was not converted.

After the kick off the WBK offence took to the field looking to make amends for their first drive of the game but came out with the same outcome as the first, fumbling to ball which was recovered by DL Tim Wikner. The Stampede couldn’t take advantage of this and even fumbled the ball back into the possession of Worcester and some good progress downfield.

Hereford defence took to the field once again and continued to prove this side of the ball was extremely tough to play against, with tackles flying in. The Worcester offence rolled the dice on third down but were intercepted by DB Jake Cassidy who returned the interception twenty yards and showing brilliant athleticism by hurdling a Black Knights defender. Not to be outdone by the Stampede defence the offence came back out and scored the second score of the game with another rushing touchdown for RB Blaine Smith, 0-12. The resulting extra two points were converted by DE and heavy package specialist Dan Ellis making the score 0-14.

After the second score of the game Worcester were looking to change the tide but the Stampede defence weren’t having any of it, DB Sean Radburn came up with the interception after a lofted pass and returned it all the way for a touchdown after some great blocking by the Stampede defence, 0-20. The two extra points were converted by RB Blaine Smith, 0-22.

It went from bad to worse as the Worcester offence came back on the field and fumbled on the second play as it was recovered by LB Joey Assirati. This turnover wasn’t converted by Hereford as possession was almost immediately given back to the Black Knights after an errant deep pass was intercepted by the Worcester defence. With the possession back with WBK they looked to get out of bad field position by passing the ball through the air but after great pressure by the Stampede defensive line the ball was intercepted and returned for a touchdown by LB Joey Assirati making it 0-28 to the Stampede. The following two extra points were converted by WR Hector Kidwell with a pass from QB Steve Hall, 0-30.

After the Stampede score the ball went back into the hands of Worcester but it was much of the same story as the first play resulted in a sack for DL Tim Wikner. Then on the second play of the drive the ball was snapped before the Black Knights QB was ready and the ball was pounced upon by LB Joey Assirati, giving possession back to Hereford.

Starting in great field position the Stampede made quick work of increasing the score line with a rushing touchdown for WR Chris Morse. The Stampede attempted to convert the two extra points but were unsuccessful on this occasion, 0-36 Stampede. This brought about a rolling clock for the remainder of the game.

Worcester now back with possession of the ball they started well on offence with a tough run down the middle and a WR screen pass, gaining some much needed yards. This positivity was short lived as they tried to pitch the ball to their running back but was fumbled again after more pressure from the dominant Hereford defensive line. DE Dan Ellis after a couple of attempts recovered the fumble in the Worcester end zone to increase the score line to 0-42. The conversion was waltzed in again by RB Blaine Smith, 0-44.

Although the scoreboard was getting away from Worcester they came out fighting once again, they gained good yardage across the ground only to be undone when trying to complete a pass which was intercepted by DB Mike McNeil, handing back possession to Hereford.

The Stampede were out to make a statement and wanted to add to the score line, they did just that after QB Steve Hall found WR Hector Kidwell on a corner route for a 30 yard completion. With Hereford not having much ground to make before reaching the end zone the ball was handed off to RB Blaine “the train” Smith for another rushing touchdown, bringing the score to 0-50.

The Stampede defence were playing at new levels in this game and produced another turnover with an interception by DB Jake Cassidy after Worcester looked to pass the ball through the air. The Hereford offence weren’t to be outdone by the defensive side of the ball and made light work of scoring another touchdown through that man again, RB Blaine Smith for his 4th touchdown of the day! Not that he hadn’t scored enough points in the game, RB Blaine Smith added two more on the conversion pushing the score line to 0-58 to Hereford.

The Worcester offence came out for the last drive of the game and were stopped time and time again by the Stampede defence. They punted the ball away after three failed attempts at 10 yards which landed in the hands of DB Jake Cassidy. With this being Jake’s last game for the Stampede he was looking to finish off with a bang and he did just so. Returning the punt to the end zone for a touchdown and putting the final nail in the coffin of the Black Knights. What a way to finish your playing career at the Stampede! The final score being 0-64 to Hereford.

The Stampede finish off their inaugural competitive league season 6-2 and look ahead to the 2023 season.

Notable Performances


1 – Chris Morse

4 – Blaine Smith

1 – Dan Ellis

1 – Sean Radburn

1 – Joey Assirati

1 – Jake Cassidy

2 pt Conversions

1 – Dan Ellis

3 – Blaine Smith

1 – Hector Kidwell


1 – Sean Radburn

2 – Jake Cassidy

1 – Joey Assirati

1 – Mike McNeil

Fumble Recovery

1 – Tim Wikner

2 – Joey Assirati

1 – Dan Ellis

1 – Jakub Szałaśny

1 – Sean Radburn


2 – Tim Wikner

0.5 – Will Nicholls

0.5 – Dan Ellis

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